TOPWELL, The Chinese leading welder manufacturer, is located in Hangzhou.
As a professional welder manufacturer since 2005, TOPWELL has updated all the producing line and the world class quality testing to make every single machine strong, powerful and reliable. With our full range, from welding machines through to wire feeders, welding torches and up to welding consumables and work safety – we've got every area of welding covered. Stick welders, tig welders, mig welders and plasma cutters, all the machines are based on the heavy duty and reliable soft-switching IGBT inverter system. 90% of our machines are controlled by software and all the machines have certificated by CE and RoHS. Whether you want to weld electrodes or flux cored wire with shielding gas, our components, which have been perfectly tuned to your requirements, stand for excellent quality and the best possible welding results
We are TOPWELL, professional in welding


Everyone in TOPWELL not only dedicate ourselves to offer service, design, quality, performance well, but also make everything to client in top class. Beyond the top, TOPWELL!


TOPWELL has a creative and exp- erienced R&D team including 2 Prof. & 3 Ph.D., working in the NUAA automation lab.

In 2011, Topwell made the pulse on pulse mig welder, the alumig series.It can preciselycontrol the wire one-dropper-pulse during the transfer and helps the welders easily get the stacked dime appearance in aluminum welding.

Topwell also has the unique mix tig process in China, which is a improvement from ac tig and helps the welders easily get a deeper penetration and better clearance, especially in aluminum welding..


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Broad Industry Group established

2005 Mr. Robin Yan founded the Broad Industrial Group in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. 2006 Broad Industrial Group used the latest Soft-switching IGBT inverter technology and made the full range inverter welders which named “TOPWELL”. TOPWELL means the top quality, top performance and top supplier.

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Welding machines - digitalized control systems

2008 TOPWELL had the first full digitalized cont- rolinverter TIG welder, Mastertig-250AC
2011 TOPWELL made the first Synergic pulse on pulse MIG welder,the alumig series. It can precis- ely control the wire one-drop-per-pulse during thetransfer and helps the welders easily get the stack- ed dime appearance in welding.

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Mastertig series :DC TIG, AC TIG and MIX TIG

2012 TOPWELL studied out the MIX TIG function which is based on the AC TIG and improve it. The MIX TIG can help the welders easily get a deeper penetration and better clearance, especially in al- uminum welding. Also in this year, TOPWELL put the technology into Mastertig series and made the first full TIG function TIG welder which has DC TIG, AC TIG (three AC wave controls) and MIX TIG.

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2014 The new generation came. TOPWELL started to offer more exquisite and be- autiful plastic outside of all the household machines.
2015 TOPWELL designed a new industrial outside and will start to offer since Jan.1th.

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TOPWELL actively participate professional welding exhibitions around the world, such as FABTECH in USA, Schweiseen & Schneiden in Germany,Essen welding and cutting in Chinaand so on. With that, TOPWELL make more and more people experience TOPWELL machines’top quality and top performance.


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