Industrial Applications:

Boat, ship and yacht building

General manufacturing

General fabrication

Structural steel fabrication


Sheet metal fabrication

Light-gauge tube and sheet

Machines Processes:

Stick (SMAW)

Flux-Cored (FCAW)


Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

High-Speed Double Pulse (GMAW-HDP)

High Speed Pulsed MIG (GMAW-HSP)

Input Voltage:

3PH ~ 400V ±15%

Output Range:

30A ~ 500A

Rated Output(40℃) 60%:


Net Weight:


Wire Feeder:



Advanced Features

  • Synergic Control - Set weld procedures with one control. Just easily takes 3 Steps to achieve weld perfection.
  • Improved Operation Process & Controls - Initial Arc control, Burn Back control, Arc Length control, Dynamic control, these make an easier operation and handling for welding.
  • High Speed Pulse (HSP) - The deposition rate can increase 25~48% for M.S. by comparing with MAG process.
  • High-Speed Double Pulse (HDP) - By the HDP process, it's easy to get a beautiful TIG-Like weld appearance, and the deposition rate could be increased up to 30% if compare to the standard double pulse process, especially in Aluminum.
  • High-Speed Spray Arc (HSA) - Highly concentrated and extremely stable arc with high density, up to 30% faster welding speed than conventional MIG-MAG welding.
  • Micro Double Process (MDP) - Precise energy input, low distortion, perfect TIG-like welding appearance easily produced by anyone, and the welding productivity can up to twice as quick as the conventional TIG.
  • Ultra Low Spatter (ULS) - It is a modified short-arc transfer arc, it controls the volatility during the change of state between short and arc to control the amount and size of the spatter generated. Up to 75% less spatter, up to 25% saving on gas costs.
  • Hybrid Pulse Control (HPC) - Mixes Pulse (spray arc) and short-circuit transfer types in one duty cycle. It great performance for all pipe welding solutions.
  • High Speed Spot (HSS) - Offers a faster travel speed and better welding performance, especially for thin (less than 2mm) pipes or frame/structure welding jobs, like the furnitures etc.
  • HSP - High Speed Pulse

  • Specifically designed for demanding workshop use,the deposition rate can increase 25~48 % for various materials, whether used in manufacturing thick materials or sheet metal.
  • The High-Speed Pulse(HSP) process enables you to save time, money, and energy compared to traditional pulse welding. This process is ready to raise pulse welding to a whole new level!
  • In general, One pulse melt one droplet, but we increase the submission of these droplets by TOPWELL’ s New High-Speed pulse process.The transition will be faster, narrower HAZ zone and deeper penetration!
  • Get better welding seam

    Less heat input, less spatters, less rework

    Get higher welding strength

    Deeper penetration, no undercut defects, higher strength.

    HPC - Hybrid Pulse Control

    The key is synergetic waveform controlled welding process control variants applied in MIG welding which are Pulse (spray arc) and short-circuit transfer types in one duty cycle. It delivers exceptional directional stability, deep penetration and free-spatters.

    HPC Vertical-up Welding Process

    The secret is the combination of two processes: one is the high energy phase to heat up the material quickly. Topwell's control technology ensures a perfect transition to the rapidly reduced energy phase. It ensures reliable penetration, precisely sized weld filling and a near- optimal throat thickness.Vertical-up welding with Topwell's HPC process is significantly much faster and simpler than classical "X-Mas tree".

    HDP - High-speed Double Pulse

    HDP is the High-Speed Double Pulse. The high and low pulse phases of the double pulse work with the High Speed Pulse process, the deposition rate is increased by up to 30%, the welding productivity is significantly improved than a standard double pulse. The professional welding curve for excellent control of heating and cooling phases, ensures precise energy input, low spatter, low distortion and a beautiful TIG-like welding appearance. HDP is particularly suitable for medium to thick-walled welding, especially for Aluminum and Steel applications.

    HSA - High Speed Spray Arc

    The perfect combination of a highly concentrated and extremely stable arc with high density. HSA delivers deeper penetration, narrower heating zone, allows smaller opening angles for multi-layer welding, significantly improves the welding speed up to 30% faster than conventional MIG-MAG welding. It makes welding more efficient and more economical.

    Smaller opening angle

    Deeper penetration

    More material saving

    Higher welding efficiency

    MDP - Micro Double Process

    MDP is Micro Double Process, ultra-precise on the synergy Pulse wave-form controlled process-control, freely adjust the weld seam chevrons from coarse to fine. The key is that when the high and low pulses alternate, there is no droplet formation in the low pulse phase. The advantage of MDP are precise energy input, low distortion, perfect TIG-like welding appearance easily produced by anyone, and the welding productivity can up to twice as quick as the conventional TIG. MDP is particularly suitable for thin to medium-walled (1-8mm) Aluminum, Steel, and CrNi applications, like frames, tables, beds, and furniture structures.

    ULS - Ultra Low Spatters

    The ULS process is a modified short-arc transfer arc with perfect waveform setting that greatly reduces spatter generation. In the pinch phrase, there is a special current interruption, the energy is extracted under the program setting, avoiding the explosion caused by the large current, and the surface tension of the molten pool warms the generated droplets. Even in CO2 and MAG welding, it can minimize the spatters, which means less rework, fewer rejects, less cleaning required and savings on wearing parts.

  • Welding current: 130A
  • Shield gas: MAG
  • HSS - High Speed Spot Technology

    HSS is the high speed spot welding, which is perfectly combining the welding process, arc physics, high dynamic power response and powerful motor control technology, short in arc ignition time and arc ending time, a welding spool can be formed swiftly. A spot welding cycle is quickly completed, cycle over and over, by adjusting the time gap with the robot to get the fish scale you wish, weld seam is clear and beautiful.

  • Tack welding: by robot
  • Widely applied on the thin (≤2mm thickness) pipes or frame/structure welding jobs.
  • Separated Wire Feeder & Remote Control, Robotic Ready

    Robotic with advanced MIG process package, achieve ultra-high efficient welding with perfect welding performance.Optional package for robot interface by Analog connectors or Digital ports including EtherNetlP, DeviceNet, CAN, CANOPEN, RJ485 etc.

    Simple Operation

    3 Steps to achieve weld perfection


    1. Select operation mode
    2. Select Job-list No.
    3. Adjust welding current
    (always the perfect setting by the synergic function
    using the material thickness)

    Synergy Control With Job-list


    The Job-lists display is easily and intuitively controlled through its graphical user interface.We assembled the perfect welding curve in every Job-No. for highly efficient multi-process welding of carbon steels and stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Operation is easier than ever before.

    Improved Operation Process & Controls 

    Arc Length control

    With the arc length control, no matter the changing distance between the torch and the workpiece, or the welding voltage, the arc length is kept constant, and the seam quality and appearance remain unchanged.

    Dynamic control

    The arc can easily be adjusted depending on the workpiece and positions as well as to the individual preferences of the welder through Dynamic Control. Changing the arc to soft or hard or anywhere in between, increases the reliability for a good root formation and side fusion even with a non-ideal position of the torch.

    Initial Arc control & Burn Back control

    Initial Arc control is used to improve the success rate of arc ignition and form a smaller molten ball. Burn Back Control enhances the function of eliminating molten ball, making the secondary arc initial easier.

    Improved Operation Process & Controls


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