Torch: Parker SGB 240

Torch consumable parts

A Nozzle

Part No. Description Bore Wall MaterialI
 PB2415 Cylindrical Nozzle 17.2 1.40mm Cu
*PB2416 Conical Nozzle 12.6 1.40mm Cu
 PB2417 Tapered Nozzle 10.0 1.40mm Cu

B Contact Tips

Part No. Description MaterialI Wire Size
 PB2504-08 Contact Tip Cu 0.8mm
 PB2504-10 Contact Tip Cu 1.0mm
 PB2504-12 Contact Tip Cu 1.2mm
 PB2504-12A Contact Tip Cu 1.2mm
 PB2505-08 Contact Tip CuCrZr 0.8mm
 PB2505-10 Contact Tip CuCrZr 1.0mm
 PB2505-12 Contact Tip CuCrZr 1.2mm
 PB2505-12A Contact Tip CuCrZr 1.2mm

C Tip Adaptors

Part No. Description MaterialI
 *PB2412 Tip Adaptor Brass

D Diffusers

Part No. Description Colour MaterialI
 *PB2405B Diffuser Black DMC3
 PB2405C Diffuser White Ceramic
 PB2405W Diffuser White DMC3
 PB2405S Diffuser Red  Silicon


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