Heavy Duty Leather Welding Apron


Usage Recommendations

Full Frontal Protection:

42'' Length

Heavy Weight Leather:

Protection From a Variety of Hazard

All Kevlar Stitching:

Increased Durability with Riveted Seams



Premium Heavy Weight Leather

Constructed of heavy weight black split leather to protect from long term exposure exposure to high heat, spatter, sparks or other hazards.

Adjustable Back Harness

The X Shaped Harness is designed to evenly distribute the aprons weight and can be adjusted to ensure a snug, secure fit.

All Kevlar Stitching

The apron is sewn with high strength kevlar throughout increase the usage life of the apron.

Excellent Torso & Lower Body Coverage

The 42" Length is 40% longer than our standard leather welding jacket and provides improved lower body protection from heat, sparks and spatter.

  • SPECIAL DESIGN FOR TIG –Seamless index finger for sensitive work. Double stitches straight thumb design for increased finger tip senstivity and durability.
  • Super DEXTERITY – Constructed of TOP grain goatskin leather, it provides excellent dexterity and feel which is essential for TIG Welding.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS – The proven design has been used by professionals for almost a decade.
  • Super Durability – All glove seams are stitched with extremely high strength kevlar thread to prevent seam failure and increase durability.
  • DURABLE LEATHER CUFF – The long leather cuff provides excellent abrasion resistance and also protections the wrist from heat, sparks and flames.


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