Traditional Stick / MIG Welding Gloves


Usage Recommendations

Primary Welding Processes:

Stick, Flux-Cored

Secondary Welding Processes:

MIG, Pulsed MIG

Amperage Range:

50A - 325A



All Leather Construction

Made of select A/AB grade shoulder split cowhide leather. Designed for various applications, the complete leather outside construction protects the hands and wrist from spatter, flames and sparks while also providing heat resistance.

Super Durability

All sewn with KEVLAR thread offer greater protection against sparks and abrasion.

Comfortable & Heat Resistant Liners

The cotton hand liner provides heat resistance and comfort while the cotton twill inside cuff liner absorbs moisture.

Extra Reinforcement

Thumb and palm pads provide extra reinforcement in a sky stress area.

  • GREAT HEAT RESISTANCE – Made of a high grade leather and soft cotton liner which is designed to withstand and protect against high temperatures.
  • INDUSTRIAL DURABILITY – The glove design features a high grade leather exterior, kevlar threading, leather reinforced stress points and a fully lined interior to withstand daily exposure to heat, flames, spatter or sparks.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT – The soft cotton hand liner and straight thumb design enhances comfort and fingertip sensitivity. The inside cuff is lined with a twill cotton which absorbs moisture during use.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS – This glove model is used by professional fabricators on a daily basis. Recommended for Stick welding (SMAW), Mig welding (GMAW), Flux-Core welding (FCAW) or other high temperature applications


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