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Submerged Arc,




Input Power:


Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):

SUBARC-1000DC: 1000A/50V/100%

SUBARC-1250DC: 1250A/50V/100%


TOP Features

- Ability to preset the current;

- 100% duty cycle with a maximum output capacity;

- Reduced heat affected zone, minimized distortion and increased mechanical properties;

- Overloading, over current, loss of phase and short circuit protection ensure long-lasting performance;

- Use the mode switch to select the desired output characteristics for the process being used–CC and CV;

- Versatile power source is capable to MMA, MIG/MAG and Carbon Arc Gouging;

- Precise output control results in a stable arc;

- Modular parallel to enhance reliability;

- User-friendly operation panel.

General View Of Control Panel

1. Amperage Display

2. Volage Display

3. Power Indicator Light

4. Over Current Indicator Light

5. Over Loading Indicator Light

6. Amperage/Voltage Adjustment Control

7. Arcforce Knob

8. Function-MMA-or SAW

9. CC or CV Switch

10. Remote or Panel Switch

Submerged Arc Systems

DC series XD seriesAC/DC series
Process SAW surfacing No YesNo
Various position wedling Yes Yes Yes
Material Mild Steel Mild Steel
Nikel-based alloys
Stainless steel
Mild Steel
Welding thickness Thick plates Thin(4mm) to thick plates Thick plates
Efficiency welding Multi-layer multi-pass welding Multi-layer multi-pass welding Twin wire welding High efficiency

AT-1 SubArc Tractor

- Compact and efficient design allows for easy movement between work pieces;

- Self-propelled, 3-wheeled drive provides stable, accurate and constant operation;

- Arc Tractor Process Control with digital display, allows presetting and control of welding parameters;

- X-axis is the travel direction, 0.1-1.3mpm(3.9-51 IPM);

- +Y-axis (vertical) 0-70mm +± 100mm(Vertical head lift and slide);

- R y ±90°. Weld angle is up to 90°from vertical to either side;

- R z 45°. Angle forward or backwards by up to 45 degrees;

- R x 45°. Drag angle is up to 45°from vertical;

- Easily accommodates a 55-pound (25kg) wire reel for fewer wire changeovers. ;

- Horizontal, vertical and rotary slides allow for quick adjustment of weld nozzle into various ;

- The rugged design ensures a long life span in harsh conditions;

- Manual clutch enables freewheeling movement of the tractor;

- Can upgrade to 4-wheel tractor.

More Tractors Available

For flat or fillet welding medium and thin plates

For various positions welding

For flat or fillet welding medium and thin plate, inside and outside circular

For Twin Wires Welding

For Twin Wires Welding

AH-1 SubArc Welding Head

- The pre-selection of nominal values for welding current, arc voltage and speed in coordination with the SubArc-1000XD /1250XD power source ensures a high degree of automation;

- The AH-1 welding head has an automatic ignition and automatic burn-back with withdraw for an optimized welding process;

- The welding head also has adjustment to angle forward or backwards by up to 45 degrees & side to side by up to 45 degrees;

- All welding heads are equipped with a laser pointer and a mechanical pointer for visual seam tracking. Via a cross support, the AH-1 can be manually positioned with an effective adjusting range of 100mm each;


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