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Submerged Arc,




Input Power:


Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):

SUBARC-1000DC: 1000A/50V/100%

SUBARC-1250DC: 1250A/50V/100%


TOP Features

- Ability to preset the current;

- 100% duty cycle with a maximum output capacity;

- Reduced heat affected zone, minimized distortion and increased mechanical properties;

- Overloading, over current, loss of phase and short circuit protection ensure long-lasting performance;

- Use the mode switch to select the desired output characteristics for the process being used–CC and CV;

- Versatile power source is capable to MMA, MIG/MAG and Carbon Arc Gouging;

- Precise output control results in a stable arc;

- Modular parallel to enhance reliability;

- User-friendly operation panel.

AT-1 SubArc Tractor

  • Exceptional tracking control and self-steering in most applications leave the operator free for quality control, joint cleaning and flux handing;
  • Welds butts, horizontal fillet and lap joints to the left or right side of the tractor frame for convenience;
  • Close mechanical alignment between wire and joint maximizes weld quality with no fixturing costs;
  • Using PWM control technology to ensure precise and stable traveling.
  • ArcTractor Controller

  • With Arc Voltage Sensing Technology, heat input is reduced and deposition rate is increased by 30%. This technology also ensures stable welding arc over a wide range of parameters and precise output control;
  • Scratch and direct start methods.
  • 1.Auto/OFF/Manual Travel Switch
    2.Travel direction- Forward/ Backward
    3.Travel Speed Adjustment
    4.Inch Up Button
    5.Inch Down Button
    6.Start Button
    7.Stop Button

    8. CC/CV Switch
    9.Power Switch1
    10.Circuit Breaker
    11.Wire Feed Speed
    12.Current/Voltage Adjustment
    13.Amps Display
    14.Voltage Display
    15.Power Indicator Light

    AH-1 SubArc Welding Head

    - The pre-selection of nominal values for welding current, arc voltage and speed in coordination with the SubArc-1000XD /1250XD power source ensures a high degree of automation;

    - The AH-1 welding head has an automatic ignition and automatic burn-back with withdraw for an optimized welding process;

    - The welding head also has adjustment to angle forward or backwards by up to 45 degrees & side to side by up to 45 degrees;

    - All welding heads are equipped with a laser pointer and a mechanical pointer for visual seam tracking. Via a cross support, the AH-1 can be manually positioned with an effective adjusting range of 100mm each;


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