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Unique MIX TIG

Everybody knows the AC current has a good clearance and DC current gets a good penetration. What if mix the AC and DC?
MIX TIG is TOPWELL’s unique technology, it contains AC current and DC current in one duty cycle.

That keeps the advantages and reduces disadvantages from each other. Using the MIX TIG technology gets an excellent arc concentration and can be carried out the excellent welding performance, especially for thick plates.

MIX TIG advantage

  • Nice weld appearance, deep penetration.
  • Excellent Arc Concentration.
  • Substantially reduce the electrode consumption.
  • General View of Control Panel

    1. Welding Process


    2. Ammeter/Voltmeter Display

    3. Pulser Control

    Pulse ON/OFF selection.

    4. Mode: 2T(STD)/4T(HOLD)/Spot Arc

    5. Arc Ignition Polarity

    6. AC Waveshape types

    Advanced Squarewave

    Triangular Wave

    7. MIX TIG

    MIX Frequency: 0.1Hz~5Hz

    DC Balance: (%)10~90

    8. Tungsten Electrode Dia.

    From 2.0mm to 4.0mm

    9. Remote: used for foot pedal or Remote torch.

    Local: adjusted Currents by face panel

    10. AC Waveshape

    AC Frequency Range: 20Hz~200Hz

    AC Clean Width(AC Balance): +40~-40

    AC Clean Ratio(AC Bias)%:+30~-50

    11. Memory

    12. Encoder Control

    13. Select welding parameters button

    14. Function Sequence

    Complete AC Waveshape Controls

    AC Frequency control

    Controls the width of the arc cone. Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control.

    Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld puddle for a wider weld bead.

    AC Balance Control

    Controls arc cleaning action. Adjusting the % EN of the AC wave controls the width of the etching zone surrounding the weld.

    Note: Set the AC Balance control for adequate arc cleaning action at the sides and in front of the weld puddle. AC Balance should be fine tuned according to how heavy or thick the oxides are.

    Amplitude Control

    Adjusts the ratio of EN to EP amperage to precisely control heat input to the work and the electrode.

    Note: EN amperage controls the level of penetration, while EP amperage dramatically effects the arc cleaning action along with the AC Balance control.

    Powerful and reliable

    This unit is a 3-phase TIG welder equipped with latest IGBT modules. It is also equipped with an integral cooling unit, providing efficient cooling for liquid-cooled torches in high duty production welding environments. With the shape of the arc, weld penetration, cleaning effect, as well as the other features are under precise control, and ensuring that the quality of the welds remains high at every level.

    High efficiency TIG welding

    The maximum output is up to 500A. It’s capable to welding thin metal fast and thick metal continuously.
    Mild steel 12mm V groove, 5 layers
    Layer 1: 300A, Layer 2: 300A,Layer 3: 280A,
    Layer 4: 280A, Layer 5: 260A


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